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I’m scared to lose you to someone else. I’m scared that sooner or later you’ll get tired of me like everyone else. I’m scared that one day you’ll leave because you’re bored. I’m scared that one day you’ll leave my life without a reason. Promise me that you’ll stay and never leave my life, please don’t be like everyone else. You’re very special to me and I couldn’t imagine losing you. 

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Rocket Bunny

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Autocon LA 2012 - Ryan’s EK

Snaps By: Kevin Chow

i really do like it when people tell me about themselves. it doesn’t matter what. it can be about their day, what they did that they found amazing, what their hobbies are, etc. i like knowing about people. in a way, it makes me feel like they trust me. you’re not bothering me with your rambling. i actually prefer to listen.

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